6 Best Embroidery Machines for Hats to buy in 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

Traditional embroidery designs are still in demand nowadays. But the tactics to do it have just changed. Males and females still love to wear embroidered clothes and accessories all over the world. For that, we are here to give an overview of the best embroidery machines for hats to buy.

Making designs on clothes with hands is easy but the same design cannot be sewed on caps, hats, and shirts. For embroidered caps and hats you need specialized best embroidery machines specially designed to embroider hats.

The fabric used in hats is different from ordinary clothes. So, you cannot embroider them with ordinary sewing machines. Specialized embroidery machines come with a hat hoop, a guide for beginners, and built-in designs from which you can embroider a hat easily.


The best embroidery machine is the one that provides you with enough area for sewing and comes with all the possible requirements needed for sewing. In this article, we will show you to pick the best embroidery machines for hats while remaining within a budget.

Best Options

To ease down your problem, we will compare our best picks below. Also, we will give you buying guide so, it will be easy for you to choose the best product for you.


Image Product Details   Price
cordlessblower Brother
USB transfer
5” x 7” hoops
Bright LED light
Compact design
138 built-in embroidery design
Check Price
backpac BROTHER
Touch LED screen
Access to iBroidery
80 embroidery design
Automatic needle thread
Check Price
backpac BROTHER
5” x 7” embroidery area
Advanced needle thread
3.2 inches bright touchscreen
138 built-in embroidery design
Check Price
backpac BROTHER
Automatic threading
Great embroidery field
Built-in embroidery design
Check Price
cordlessblower BROTHER
USB port
Easy to use
Wide area for embroidery
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backpac Janome
USB port
Built-in design
Automatic threading
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After spending hours on the internet we have made the list of our top picks. Below is the list of the best embroidery machines for Hats. Check them out!

Brother PE800- Our Best Pick

Brother PE800 is an upgrade version of Brother PE770. It is one of the best embroidery machines for hats in the market. It comes with a lot of useful features that make this machine worth buying.

Compact Design

If you often move your machine from one place to another then this machine is a great option for you. It is lightweight and weighs just 13.7 pounds. Besides, it is compactly designed and does not take much space.

USB Transfer

One feature that users like most about this machine are that it can transfer the designs you made or chose from your computer to the machine through USB.

You can transfer the design you saved on your computer to the machine to make your customized design hats. This feature allows you to import and add more designs you made.

Bright LED Lights

To allow you to work in dark or at nighttime, this amazing embroidery machine features two bright LED lights around the needle area. It comforts your eyes and keeps your eyesight protected.

138 built-in Embroidery Designs

Brother PE800 offers 138 embroidery designs and comes with 11 different fonts to make your customized design. Also, it allows you to adjust and edit the design size according to your choice.

5” x 7” Hoops

Another great thing about this machine is that it features 5 x 7 inches hoops. It allows you to reposition the hoop for a larger design.


  • Simple to use
  • Compact design
  • Bright LED lights
  • The great value of money
  • An automatic thread cutter
  • 138 built-in embroidery designs


  • No storage space
  • Not pocket friendly

Brother PE535- Great Quality Machine

Another best machine on the list is Brother PE535. Like other Brother products, this embroidery machine builds with the best material and is long-lasting. This machine is an upgrade version of Brother PE525.

From veteran sewers to beginners, this machine is perfect to use. Brother PE535 is a dedicated machine for your embroidery work that works smartly and gives you the best result. Besides, this machine works seamlessly on any fabric.

80 Embroidery Designs

Brother PE535 comes with 80 different embroidery built-in designs to choose from. To make the machine versatile, it also offers different fonts, floral, and borders.

Touch LED Screen

For your convenience, it features an easy-to-read bright touchscreen LED. You can edit, rotate, and resize the design you like.

Access To iBroidery

From this embroidery machine, you will have access to iBroidery. It means you can download your favorite embroidery designs from there and can go beyond 80 designs. Also, it features a USB port so; you can plug your USB device there.

Automatic Needle Thread

To save your time and money, this machine features an Automatic needle thread. It is simple to use and manage. To cut the thread you simply need to press the button.


  • User-friendly
  • Works seamlessly
  • Compact and portable
  • Automatic needle thread
  • 25 years limited warranty
  • 80 different embroidery designs


  • Little expensive

Brother SE1900- Perfect For Hat Crafting

From monogramming to crafting hats, the Brother SE1900 embroidery machine is a handy machine to work. This machine is perfect for hat and cap crafting.

This embroidery machine features 10 different style auto-holes, which is perfect for monogramming. Besides, it is very simple to use and is portable enough to move from one place to another.

138 Built-In Designs

This machine comes with 138 built-in designs. Also, it offers 11 different embroidery fonts to choose from. Along with 138 built-in designs, this machine features 240 built-in sewing stitches.

Large 3.2 Inches Touchscreen

For clearer and easy viewing, it features a large size bright LED touchscreen that is 3.2 inches. This screen size is perfect for editing and rotating designs.

Advanced Needle Thread

With an Advanced needle thread, this embroidery machine is a great combination of sewing and quilting. This feature simply pushes the thread into the needle by just pressing the lever via foot.

5” x 7” Embroidery Field

To do embroidery on hats or caps area is always counted. It has enough embroidery field that is 5 x inches. This space for embroidery is perfect for hats and caps.


  • Works smoothly
  • Compact design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Very easy to operate
  • Large embroidery area


  • Bobbin does not do the perfect job

BROTHER PE770 – No 1 Choice For Beginners

Brother PE770 is ranked as the best embroidery machine for hats for beginners in the market. The automatic needle thread saves your time while sewing. The fascinating feature is that; it comes with a variety of inbuilt embroidery designs to assist you in the best way.

Brother PE770 is an affordable embroidery machine comprises of built-in USB ports with 5 inches 7 inches embroidery area for hats and caps. With an eye-catching and glossy look, this machine is in demand nowadays.


Brother PE770 is built in such a way that it can provide you maximum area for stitching not for hats or caps only. But you can do monograms, pillows as well as shirts on it.

The area it provides for sewing is measured as 5 by 7 inches. For this reason, it is ranked as the best embroidery machines for hats by brother pe770.


The most annoying thing while doing embroidery is changing a thread for the next design. To make threading easy for the user, automatic threading has been introduced for them.

Users just need to press the button to cut the required thread and the rest of the work is done automatically.


Here is one more great feature of this machine is that the machine has its in-built embroidery designs to assist you in the best possible way. They are taking care of the user by introducing a feature of editing a design as per your requirement. With this embroidery machine, you can enjoy maximum benefits.


  • Built-in designs
  • Best for beginners
  • USB port available
  • Affordable and compact
  • Automatic threading saves time.


  • You may face the issue with the bobbins

BROTHER SE600 – Combo Of Sewing And Embroidery

Brother is a leading brand in the marketing for selling top-rated computerized sewing machines. Their sewing machines are durable and available in the market at economical prices. They can embroider almost all kinds of fabrics.

Brother hat embroidery machine SE600 can do sewing as well as embroidery individually. Due to this fascinating feature, it becomes the number one choice for most buyers.


Thanks to brother again. Their constructors develop this machine to be optimized for beginners as well as professionals. You may find difficulty for the 1st time but the user guide is there to assist you.

Its 3.2 inches display shows you a pattern of your design in a color you are optimizing for a design. You can switch from embroidery mode to sewing whenever you need. Cap embroidery from this machine can be done easily.


In today’s world, computerized embroidery machines are in demand due to the connectivity options. These connectivity options help you to fetch new designs from the internet without any hindrance.

You can import an embroider design anytime. With the built-in memory, you can save it for future use.


For embroidery large area is necessary to spread a fabric. Brother a trusted brand who care about their customers give importance to this aspect. They made the embroidery area of 4 by 4 inches large enough to sew anything. With this broad area, you can sew or embroider baseball caps too. So we shouldn’t hesitate to mark it as the best embroidery machine for baseball caps.

Moreover, the machine has an LED light that can illuminate the work area when sufficient light is not provided.


  • USB port
  • In-built embroidery designs.
  • Combo of sewing and embroidery.
  • Colored LCD screen to watch a pattern.
  • Enough connectivity options to fetch new designs.


  • A little bit expensive.
  • Noisy for some people.

JANOME 9850 – Best Embroidery Machine For Monogrammatic Hats


Janome 9850 is an embroidery machine specially designed to create monograms. To embroider a hat this machine can be a perfect choice. Just add the flare to your creativity by selecting the right object that matches your requirements.

Janome is concerned about its customers. That’s why you can find all the possible specs in this machine that the best embroidery should have. Due to the multi-needle facility, you create colorful designs in no time. The best multi-needle embroidery machine is available in the market at a cheap price.


The benefits of optimizing automatic computerized embroidery machines are that they come with a variety of built-in designs with different color patterns. Users don’t have to ponder about the new designs and work can be done very quickly.

Janome 9850 comes with 175 built-in embroidery designs. To embroider a cap or hat anyone of them can be utilized.


So, you are not satisfied with the built-in designs and wanted to find something new for cap embroidery? You will be delighted to configure that this cap embroidery machine comes with a built-in USB port. You can download a design of your choice and import it into a machine through USB connectivity.

Automatic Threading

The most aesthetic part is that the machine is providing an automatic threading facility. Needle threading in computerized machines is automatic to save the user’s time while sewing. Moreover, you can switch threads while creating a pattern to make it more colorful.


  • Easy to set
  • Automatic threading
  • LCD to preview designs
  • Multi-needle embroidery machine
  • Comes with a warranty of 25 years


  • ⦁ No such cons can be found

Buying Guide- Best embroidery machines for hats designing

Embroidering a hat is not an easy task it needs skills and most importantly a good machine. There are several machines available in the market with specific features that do embroidery tasks efficiently.

But, you need to know what are the points or things to consider when you are planning to get one for you. Do not worry! We have got you covered.

Check the following points to know the answer!

Tried & Tested

As designing the hats requires professionalism so, always choose the machine that is tried and tested. Besides, always go for a machine that is branded and well-known. As good brand products come with a warranty and are long-lasting.

Simple To Use

Another consideration for choosing an embroidery hat machine is that it must be easy and simple to use. Nobody wants to spend hours setting machines before starting work.

Check that the machine you are buying changes the thread without any complication.

Purpose Of Buying

Different embroidery machines are available for different purposes. If you are buying a machine for commercial use then choose the machine that works seamlessly for long hours.

Built-In Designs

It is great if you choose a machine with a higher number of built-in designs. It helps you to choose from a variety of designs for your hat embroidery.

Hat Hoop Included Or Not

It is important to check that your embroidery machine includes a hat hoop. Many machines do not come with this feature. Having a hat hoop means you do not need to buy it separately.


With the evolution of technology, we are progressing towards modernity. Things that are done with hands in the past are now machine-dependent. The latest technology has made a breakthrough in the world by inventing modern automatic devices.

Computerized embroidery machines are way different from manual traditional type embroidery machines. These machines come with automatic threading, LCD with many more incredible features that can be utilized to make a colorful aesthetic design.

According to our research, the best embroidery machine should come with the following advantages:


In the new innovative world, producers and inventors are trying to make user-friendly devices that can assist a human with minimum effort. All the computerized best embroidery machines for hats and shirts can be operated with minimum human support.

Even a person at the beginner level doesn’t require professional tactics to operate it. No prior experience is required to work on these machines.


The speed of the machine is determined by noticing stitches per minute. Thankfully, modern computerized cap embroidery machines work at very high speed. In contrast with traditional electronic machines, these machines are fast and convenient for stitching.


Due to the modern embroidery machines conversion of digital patterns into stitching is quite easy. You can create complex designs and unique examples in no time.


With the increasing demand for new features, the prices of modern embroidery machines are slightly high. Above mentioned embroidery machines are not too expensive. These are the best embroidery machines for hats. Invest you in the one that suits your budget.

Instructions to get extra plans in the Brother embroidery machine

Sibling offers numerous models of custom embroidery machines and embroidery and sewing machines. What’s more, each plan can have various techniques to get extra embroidery plans into the machine. If you are searching for an embroidery machine, you ought to painstakingly consider the extra embroidery plan alternatives, so you can choose which model is appropriate for you. Whenever you’ve found the entirety of the lovely things you can do with your embroidery machine, you’ll need to extend your inventive plan alternatives past the plans included.

There are three primary techniques for getting extra embroidery plans on a Brother embroidery machine:

Sibling Restrictive Memory Card Opening

This space acknowledges little blaze memory cards for certain cameras, however in Brother design. Memory cards contain embroidery plans that can be perused and machine-sewn.

You can buy viable memory cards from Brother or outsider organizations. In any case, cards are costly, and the best long-haul arrangement is to purchase a card burner/peruser and programming that composes the plans to the card. With this program, you can download a large number of free and paid plans, think of them on a card, and burden them into your embroidery machine.

Sibling offers a few programming bundles with various abilities. If you simply need to download plans from the Internet in PES configuration and use them with no guarantees, Brother PED-Basic does exactly that. If you additionally need to make your plans, you need further developed programming like Brother PE-Design. Different organizations likewise offer viable programming and card perusers.

The USB Port Interfaces With a PC

This sort of USB port seems as though a little square wire opening. You associate the embroidery machine straightforwardly with your PC to move the embroidery plans put away on your PC. No card peruser/author is required.

USB Port Viable With Memory Stick

This sort of USB port is a long, tight space that acknowledges a USB streak drive (USB stick or search drive) or any USB hard drive. It is more helpful and simpler because there is no requirement for a card peruser/essayist or to interface with your PC by any stretch of the imagination.

Essentially duplicate your put-away embroidery plans from any PC to a USB stick or glimmer drive, and burden them into the embroidery machine for sewing.

So which models have abilities? Here are the things to look at:

The Brother SE350 Computer Sewing and Embroidery Machine and the Brother LB6770PRW Project Track Sewing and Embroidery Machine are a mix of sewing and embroidery machines. They just have one memory card opening. This implies that If you have effectively begun enriching your activities you will require a program like Brother PED-Basic and a burner/card user to exploit every one of the plans accessible on the web.

Sibling SE400 is viable with the SE350 aside from that it has a USB port that interfaces straightforwardly to your PC to move plans put away on your PC to the embroidery machine. It additionally has a memory card space to utilize if the ideal plan is just accessible on the memory card. You needn’t bother with Brother PED-Basic programming or a card burner/user except if you need to store plans on memory cards rather than a PC.

Sibling PE770 is a devoted embroidery machine. You can’t sew routinely. Sibling PE770 has a viable USB memory port. First duplicate your embroidery plans to a USB stick or peruser, at that point move them to PE770. This is the least demanding and most advantageous choice since you don’t have to compose a memory card or associate your sewing machine to your PC by any means. The PE770 additionally has a memory card space.

Best Embroidery Machines for Hats – Useful Tips For Your Embroidery Business

In these intense monetary conditions, a great many people are giving a valiant effort to bring in additional cash outside of their ordinary work. Therefore, a few groups understand the advantages of working alone and being their chief.

  • Home embroidery machines are simply ideal for your everyday home sewing needs and more as you can utilize your home machine to create truly necessary pay. Likewise, when you mean to purchase a proficient machine, you will presumably have to do a little research to comprehend the highlights and their capacity to make various plans.
  • Home embroidery gadgets have various styles of plans; also, every one of these models has diverse yet significant angles that can be critical for individuals who use them. If you are intending to begin a self-start venture and your inclinations are sewing, you should get embroidery supplies to be fruitful.
  • This is almost home embroidery machines are moderate and have an enormous venture that guarantees quality execution and solidness. Home embroidery machines, not just assurance astounding quality and administration, don’t need a great deal of support on your part.
  • At the end of the day, home embroidery machines require insignificant support and there is consistently a machine available that will improve your embroidery abilities.
  • To make your home sewing business beneficial and monetarily feasible, or If you simply need to sew for your own and family needs, there are various home embroidery machines accessible that will meet your more specific necessities. If you are intending to purchase your embroidery machine, you should consider the kinds of assignments you will attempt concerning your specialization in your sewing and embroidery errands.
  • It is additionally prescribed that If you are wanting to buy a machine, you may have to buy some home embroidery machines that can perform stitching errands and an assortment of embroidery highlights. Something else that you should remember whether you will purchase your machine is whether it will ease redundant sewing and embroidery errands.
  • This is a decent embroidery machine equipped for finishing and performing often performed embroidery occupations that will expand the number of items you can make. So you will actually want to save time and If you maintain an independent venture you will build your creation and set aside a ton of cash.
  • Nonetheless, If you need to create excellent embroidery plans, you might need to consider buying a machine that is upheld by PC innovation. These machines are improved by innovation and will carry the machine to create top-notch embroidery and plans to beautify the style square.
  • Try not to stress over the expense of these machines, you’ll get each penny you spend. Moreover, you will profit from the perfect plans that the machine will create.

At last, you need to recollect that If you will purchase the correct gadget for your requirements, you should do a little research by checking with a neighbor or perusing the web.


Most of the stitching companies are offering patterns to be installed in your embroidery machines. For hats, these patterns can be logos, monograms, or classic embroidery according to desire.

Designs can be fetched in a machine through USB via websites. There are different software that helps you further to format these designs as per your requirement. But keep in your mind that the designs should be uploaded in a specified file format like SEW, VIP, PES, and ART. Choose by testing the compatibility of your machine.

Further, you need to check the type of fabric you are going to be sewed. Set the machine according to the requirement of that fabric and do the hats of your choice.

Here, are you still confused about which machine should opt for hat embroidery? Here are some frequently asked questions that can facilitate you further.

FAQs-Best Embroidery Machines for Hats

Is it necessary to have a hoop in an embroidery machine for hats?

Hoop is not mandatory for hats to embroider. Hats can be done without a machine hoop.

What is the best embroidery machine for hats?

A simple embroidery machine can do hats. But if you are planning to take your business to the next level then an embroidery machine with multi needles is best for hats and caps.

How much time does it take to do embroidery?

It depends on the work you are doing. But, usually, embroidery takes 10 to 12 hours if you work without break. It may exceed 15 hours if you take a break between your works.

How large the area of the embroidery machine should be?

The area of the embroidery machine mainly depends on the purpose. If you are using the machine only for hats embroidery purposes then you do not need a large space. But, if you are willing to utilize your machine for a shirt or another clothing purpose then 5 x 7 will be perfect.

Summing Up The Article!

Embroidery machines are becoming common in the market. But, choosing the best one for your business or home use is tricky. Finding the best embroidery machine that does every embroidery task efficiently is not an easy job.

Hope our guide helped you in choosing the best embroidery machine for hats.

Our Best Pick!

After comparing the features of each machine mentioned in the list we have reached the conclusion that our best pick from the list is Brother PE800.

Comes with 25 years limited warranty, this machine is easy to use and offers many great features.

From pre-wound bobbins to embroidery threads, this machine comes with all the accessories that are necessary to have when you do embroidery.

The best part about this machine is that it is compactly designed and is portable enough to carry with you. It is sleek and reliable and does every task efficiently. Besides, Brother PE800 is a great value for money.

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