Best commercial embroidery machine to grow your business within 2022

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine To Grow Your Business in 2022

Looking for quality equipment to lend your business a hand upward?

The Best commercial embroidery machines are at your disposal.

With the growing popularity of personalized and custom-designed gift items and fabrics, monogram or embroidery businesses are a growing top priority. If you are considering it too, then your work can only be as great as is your machine so the need for the best embroidery machine for a business that can deliver fine patterns and designs and can withstand high demand without affecting quality is obvious.
Don’t stress much about how to find the right choice for you- in this article, we have got you all covered.

Presently you are very exceptional with all the data in regards to buying an embroidery machine for your independent venture. Simply pick the most ideal alternative as indicated by your requirements and financial plan, with only a single tick.

As a novice, set down and sharpen your abilities on a gadget that has every one of the highlights however not specialized. If you are now in front of your inventive abilities, pick the completely utilitarian format and rock the world with your inventiveness.

Get started and achieve the most value of your purchase by considering our top 5 picks of the best embroidery machine for commercial use.

Top 5 Best commercial embroidery machines

From the number of designs and patterns to the field space and working speed, each advanced feature of commercial embroidery machines would play the role of game-changer for your business. 

Searching for the right one by keeping into consideration all the essential factors may be a mind-boggling task. Worried?

Don’t! To help you escape from this, we have listed the top 5 picks for you.

Just meet the one that suits you the best and make your investment well spent.

Comparison Table- Best Commercial Embroidery Machine

Image Product Details   Price
backpac BROTHER
8 sewing feet
Design import via USB
Auto treading mechanism
Embroidery area 5 by 7 inches
Check Price
cordlessblower Brother
11 different fonts
Speed of 650 spm
3.2 inches colored LCD
Embroidery region of 5” x 7”
3.2” color LCD with design editing
Check Price
cordlessblower Janome Horizon
Craft 9850
Built-in 200 stitches
Full-color LCD touch screen
60 to 800 SPM stitching speed
Availability of 2 and 3 letters monogramming function
Check Price
cordlessblower Janome Memory
Craft 500E
Built-in 160 designs
400 to 860 SPM stitching speed
Automatic thread tension control
8.1 inches * 4.7 inches workspace
Check Price
backpac Janome MB
4S Four
Upper thread breakage sensor
Embroidery speed up to 800 SPM
Extra-large bobbin than usual – 1.4 times
Drop and drag editing options for easy placement
Check Price

Brother SE1900

Brother SE1900 is an appealing choice for the users seeking efficiency and speed. You can get started quickly and easily with its automatic needle threader and the jam-resistant top-drop bobbin aspect.

Its 138 built-in designs equip you with various options to use in your projects. The model also provides you great assistance in monogramming and personalizing your embroidery work as it comes with 11 different fonts and 240 built-in stitches.

SE1900 brings a great opportunity for the user to navigate easily and work on a decent size of designs efficiently with its 3.2-inch color touch screen and the 5×7 embroidery field. The built-in USB port allows you to transfer easily any design you have created or found.

Moreover, if you face difficulty exploring and using its different features, it also has guide tutorials for your assistance.

It is one of the best sewing and embroidery machines for a home-based business. To know more about its detailed features, read below.

Product Features

Lets discuss some of the amazing features of Brother SE1900.

The Needed Combination Of Embroidery & Sewing

SE implies that it is best suited for both stitching and embroidery. In addition to your crafting talent, if you have the skills of stitching, this machine might be a great opportunity to experiment both at the same time.

Built-In Stitches & Designs

It’s time to break the boundaries of your creativity with 140 embroidery designs of SE1900. You can create your projects with these various options and import any other using USB ports. It also offers the handy 240 built-in stitches.

Embroidery Field & Display

Its adequate field space of 5×7 inches is highly facilitating to productively work on bigger designs or thin fabrics. With its large 3.2 color touch screen, you can preview and edit your designs easily.

Advanced Needle Threader

One of its automatic features includes the advanced needle threader which eliminates the need for threading by hand and the problems associated with it.


It offers 25 years limited warranty to keep a recovery option for any damage that occurred to your machine during these years.


  • Custom stitches
  • Built-in USB port
  • 25 years of warranty
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • Advanced automatic features


  • Relatively smaller embroidery workspace for some tasks

Final Verdict

SE1900 brims with more extraordinary features than other ordinary commercial embroidery machines to give you the advanced experience of ease and accuracy. You can get this complete package to accomplish your sewing and embroidery business aims in one unit.

Brother PE800

Brother manufacturers never fail to bring the most promising features for their customers. And that is why another Brother Embroidery machine has made it to this list.

As the name defines, this is purely for embroidery purposes with the best of the required features.

It adequately reduces the time spent on each product with its advanced modern features. The automatic thread trimming system helps you escape from the tiring and time taking manual threading. It has fast stitch speed.

You can create dazzling embroidery designs using the 5×7 inches embroidery field.

Its color LCD touch screen displaying each pattern and details of your embroidery through operations based on a camera system is a distinct property of a professional embroidery machine. The 5 built-in LED lightening performs the automatic illumination on the embroidery frame, which is unlike other commercial embroidery machines.

From fashion and product to uniform and pattern, Brother PE800 successfully meets all your embroidery needs.

Basic Design

This machine is made of lightweight plastic material that makes it highly portable. The item dimensions are 21.75 x 19.02 x 19.09 inches.

Automatic Needle Threader

The automatic needle threader makes the embroidery task less tiring and more efficient with its amazing speed of 650 stitches per minute.

Built-In Embroidery Designs & Monogramming Fonts

It offers fonts in different languages which include English, Japanese, and Cyrillic. With this tremendous aid, you can work productively on your monograms.

Moreover, this model also has 138 built-in designs ranging from decorative and floral to holiday and many more for you to explore.

Tutorial Guide

This is a very helpful feature that saves you from checking into the detailed manual each time you face any query. Instead, all the answers to your queries, tips, and tricks, and a complete step-by-step tutorial is available on its large LCD screen.

Design Editing Features

You can customize your project using the easy-to-use design editing features. This enables you to have great insights into how your design looks like before stitching and to make the relevant adjustments by rotating, increasing, or decreasing the design’s size.


  • Easy to use
  • Editing features
  • 25 years warranty
  • Automatic illumination
  • Various monogramming options


  • Only embroidery machine

Final Verdict

If you have been looking for an embroidery machine that is highly efficient, reliable, and easy to use, then Brother PE800 is an exceptional choice. It offers embroidery entrepreneurs and enthusiasts all that they need.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery & Sewing Machine

Janome 9850 is one of the best cheap commercial embroidery machines which is also used for sewing. It is also called Memory craft 9850 and is known as the best at what it does. It is one of the best options for beginners and those with a tight budget. This embroidery machine enhances your creativity with its extraordinary amazing features.

Product Features

Some of the amazing features are listed below.

Fonts & Monogramming

The Memory Craft 9850 is the best commercial embroidery machine for monograms. It consists of two types of fonts for logo monogramming along with two hoops for embroidery. These features let its users sew a straight stitch of 5 mm. You can also enjoy zigzag stitching of 9 mm if you want to be a little creative.

Contents Fully Featured

If you are looking for the best embroidery machine for a small business then this is the right choice. This Janome 9850 has various 175 patterns for embroidery along with 2 fonts and 6 buttonhole stitches. It also has the facility of providing a view from every angle which makes your work even easier.

Available In A Variety Of Processes

The Janome Horizon 9850 is the best commercial-grade embroidery machine which consists of a stainless steel plate. This machine is also used for quilting. The AcuFeed Flex which is a feeding system has 8.1 and 4.7” lengths for quilted work-spaces.

Adaptable & Convenient Working System

Janome 9850 is quite a handy machine. It is the best commercial embroidery machine for beginners. This model enables you to program even when you are making skips on your cloth piece. The convenient automatic thread cutting feature saves your precious time by cutting the thread on its own after you get done with embroidery or sewing.

Multi-Needle Embroidery

The Best multi-needle embroidery machine for a home business is none other than Memory Craft 9850. It has multiple needles as compared to other embroidery machines of this type. Hence, with its various needles, it cuts your cost of changing the needles if they get broken. Also, it can do embroidery using different colors at the same time.


  • Catchy body design
  • 200 sewing stitches are inbuilt
  • 175 embroidery designs are inbuilt
  • Availability of 6 kinds of buttonholes


  • Built-in designs are normal
  • Unable to handle large projects

Final Verdict

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 is the best entry-level commercial embroidery machine. It is one of the finest choices to get your hands on it as it enables its users to be creative and design with customization. So, if you are looking for something to design monograms and logos, we will suggest you buy this.

Janome Memory Craft 500E Embroidery Machine

Are you artistic and wanting to enhance your skills in embroidery and sewing? Janome Memory Craft 500E is your answer to the above question as it is a professional embroidery machine. It has all those unique features which add more life to your work. With all the features, there is very little that you are unable to perform with this machine.

Handy Full-Color Touch Screen

On this best commercial computerized embroidery machine, you can do everything on a full-color touch screen. If you want to change the color of a thread or a design or simply want to change some settings of the machine, everything is one touch away.

Built-In USB Port

You can read and store numerous embroidery designs just from a USB flash drive that are found on the internet, CD, or a floppy with Janome 500E’s inbuilt USB port. You can easily embroider them on your fabric by connecting your USB and choose the one which you like the best. Janome 500E makes your work easy by managing 200,000 stitches for each design.

Automatic Needle Threader

Remember the hassle of putting the thread in the needle? Well, it is no more a problem with Janome 500E. This one of the best professional embroidery machines lets you put the thread in one go by simply pulling down the needle threader. Then place the thread in front of the needle and obviously in the hook and pull it back. Voila! It is done and yes, it is that simple.

Extra-Large Extension Table

Want to be multi-tasking? Janome 500E is just the right choice for you. With its extra-large extension table, Janome 500E lets you enjoy multiple designs or support for large designs at once. This attribute of this best commercial embroidery machine makes it more appealing for making more space for more work.

Easily Picked Embroidery Designs

The range of 160 designs and 6 different types of fonts that are built in the machine makes it easier to choose the one which adds more beauty to your product. All you have to do is choose the embroidery design as your desire and simply press its icon. It has various types of designs which can make unending possibilities.


  • Usage is easy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stylish and modern body
  • Can be used with a computer as well as a USB
  • Various embroidery designs from simple to complex


  • Only large patterns and thin material can be embroidered properly

Final Verdict

We would suggest you go for this dreamy and easy-to-use commercial embroidery machine. It will make your work even more beautiful with its variety of different designs and fonts.

Janome MB – 4S Four – Needle embroidery machine


This is simply one of the best industrial embroidery machines without any doubt. We love everything about this model which consists of 4 needles. This property of this product, having 4 needles makes it does its work on its own. You just have to set the embroidery that you want and leave the rest on the machine itself.

Built-In LED Light

The built-in LED light makes it easier for you to work even when it’s dark so it kind of saves your time when there is no sufficient light. Moreover, this also solves the problem of having low eyesight as the LED will not let the low light affect your eyesight.

Remote Computer Screen

With having 65,536 colors built in the machine, the remote computer screen, also known as RCS enables its users to have entire editing and set up control. This also cuts your cost as a single remote computer screen can power more than one machine at a time.

Onboard Control

The onboard sub-control device in MB 4S can also be used without any controller. This machine also consists of memory of about 3 MB having the capacity to store approximately 100 designs along with 1,500,000 stitches.

Automatic Thread Cutter

Remember the hassle of putting the thread in the needle? Well, it is no more a problem with MB 4S. This one of the best professional embroidery machines lets you put the thread in one go by simply pulling down the needle threader. Then place the thread in front of the needle and obviously in the hook and pull it back. Voila! It is done and yes, it is that simple.


  • Lightweight
  • Big, 5.7 inches computer screen
  • 50 embroidery designs are built-in
  • Availability of 10 types of fonts in machine
  • Can be used with both a computer and the USB


  • Tricky to use
  • A little pricey

Final Verdict

The MB 4S is your one-stop solution for everything you are looking for in your type of best embroidery machine as it covers and contains all those attributes that are needed.

Buying Guide- What to look for in a commercial embroider machine?

We hope that by now, the commercial embroidery machine reviews have helped you in making your decision as they all have been selected based on keeping in consideration the following essential features.

In case you are facing any difficulty or want to know what features to prioritize while looking for the best commercial embroidery machine, the following buying guide can help you.

The shading screen gives you a superior thought of ​​the execution contrasted with the monochrome screen. Thus, there is less possibility of blunder. A machine without a screen resembles working in a visually impaired region.

It is safe to say that you are prepared to purchase an embroidery machine?

If you are prepared to purchase an embroidery machine, there are some significant things to know before you start. Follow these five hints to decide the sort of embroidery machine that is ideal for you.

  • A significant factor when you start to assess and contrast embroidery machines is to ensure that you understand how you need to manage them. The explanation for this is so significant is that some embroidery machines are better at specific things.

    If you are uncertain whether you ought to weave on caps, for instance, how might you know whether you should purchase a machine with a cap screwdriver rather than a cap adornment? The one that functions admirably If you here and there need to weave caps.

    The other is fundamental If you plan to weave caps as often as possible. Know before you purchase, and you can evade the danger of not having the option to do the embroidery you need to do. You will likewise have to know the biggest size for the plans you need to weave.

    The size of the region to which you can add embroidery is known as a crease field. Acquire an embroidery machine with a sewing field huge enough for the plans you need to make.
  • Another significant thought when buying an embroidery machine is choosing where you intend to utilize your machine. Fundamentally, you figure out where you have space to forever assign for your embroidery machine.

    A few machines are the size of a microwave (home embroidery machines), a few machines occupy as much room as a fridge (some business embroidery machines), and a few machines are sufficiently enormous to fill a whole divider (machines Multi-head embroidery business).

    When the gadget is set up and functioning admirably, it is disappointing to need to move it around to account for supper, make companions on ends of the week, or routinely utilize that piece of your home for different purposes. If you can allow space for your embroidery machine forever, you will appreciate more with the machine and have the option to accomplish more.
  • Rather than convoluting what you need when purchasing an embroidery machine, improve on the interaction by having an essential embroidery program. You should have the option to make letters, fundamental alters, and join plans. Most fundamental programming applications offer these highlights alongside numerous others.

    Utilize the fundamental programming for some time, at that point once you feel better with it, you can overhaul it. Truth be told, when you purchase the fundamental degree of embroidery programming, you will frequently track down that most organizations include your unique buys to overhaul, so you just need to pay the distinction to redesign. Next level of the embroidery programming, when you’re prepared to move.
  • You don’t have to digitize plans to completely investigate your imagination with your embroidery machine. There are a large number of stock models (prepared to utilize) accessible to you, which you can buy exclusively, in little bundles, or groups.

    There are additionally profoundly prepared to digitize specialists that you can contact to make many-sided plans, permitting you to invest your energy making your embroidery. You should simply acclimate yourself with the embroidery programming however much you need and afterward contact the specialists to take the more complicated plans, at any rate until you’re prepared to handle them. Yourself.
  • Have you pondered bringing in cash with your embroidery machine? It’s not as troublesome as you would suspect. Numerous embroidery organizations have begun with an incredible item and an extraordinary plan thought! Indeed, even home embroidery machines can make a ton of embroidery, which is positive enough to begin a business.

    If you are purchasing an embroidery machine explicitly to begin an embroidery business, genuinely consider a business embroidery machine. Business machines offer sewing space, a lot quicker sewing speeds, business-grade engines, and different alternatives that you will discover helpful.

    Discover thoughts that you think will work locally, similar to shirts for guardians at your nearby school, or thoughts for a neighborhood make reasonable or occasion market. When you have your gadget, make a few examples and show them to your loved ones for their assessment.

If you are prepared to purchase an embroidery machine, follow these tips to settle on the best choice on what to purchase. At the point when you understand what sorts of embroidery you need to do, where you can do it, and what level of embroidery program you should buy from the beginning, you will settle on the correct choice concerning what kind of embroidery machine you ought to get.

With the correct embroidery machine, you will invest a great deal of energy in opening up your hand-crafted embroidery, making weavings that you, your loved ones will treasure for quite a long time to come. The high level of availability work gives every one of the benefits to the machine. In these advanced occasions, from altering your plans to interfacing your USB drive to the gadget, this element permits you to chip away at current and individual things.

The version and the monogrammed letters enhance the gadget, even though it is costly. Quite possibly the main highlights are the embroidery zone that the machine permits to chip away at. The more prominent the distance between the machine body and the needle, the better. Gives a bigger workspace that encourages you to work for a bigger scope.

Each model is accessible in an alternate collar size. A few plans are accessible in various sizes of circles which give more alternatives to embroidery. Embroidery work is reasonable yet high-yielding. If you set it up effectively, it can go far.

I saw a point-by-point summary of the best home embroidery machine models. If you don’t have a clue what to search for when purchasing an embroidery machine. We have accumulated a rundown of the highlights and determinations required for the best machine.

The high-level network work gives every one of the benefits to the machine. In these times, from modifying your plans to associating your USB drive to the gadget, this element permits you to chip away at present-day and individual things. The version and the monogrammed letters increase the value of the gadget, although it is costly.

The Area Of The Embroidery Field

The embroidery bed size of the machine you are considering must be sufficient to accommodate your required designs.

If you are working on bigger projects then choose 5×7 inches embroidery field as the beginner’s machine’s 4×4 inches of space might not be adequate for it. So when choosing an ideal embroidery machine, remember to pick one that allows you to work on a larger area and as well as smaller areas.

The Number Of Built-In Designs & Patterns

You should also consider the embroidery machine all of which have a large stock of designs and patterns. These various designs are convenient to be uploaded anytime and ease the work.

LED Screen Size

If you are not comfortable with working with a compact machine that has a limited screen size, then you might have to consider an embroidery machine with a large LED screen. Moreover, it is also important to look for a machine with more navigation and editing features.

Type & Number Of Needles

You might not be bothered with a machine which doesn’t come with most kind of needles needed for specific tasks as you can get the right ones and change accordingly. However, an embroidery machine with more needles and kinds would help it operate on your projects faster and more efficiently.


Choosing an embroidery machine with an adequate warranty is vital if it is employed for commercial use. As it might undergo wear and tear during handling a heavy workload, having a good machine offering a substantial warranty for mechanical damage would be a great aid in dealing with these damages.


One needs to get to know about embroidery before getting a commercial or professional embroidery machine. It does make our work easier but it demands complete know-how to save you from a loss. We have guided you on everything which you need to know to get an embroidery machine for yourself. Good Luck with your embroidery experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best embroidery machine to start a business?

As a beginner, one should go for Janome 500E as it is the easiest to use a commercial embroidery machine.

What is a good embroidery machine for small businesses?

For a small business and low cost, MB 4S is best as it has numerous characteristics and saves your cost big time.

Can I do embroidery with my sewing machine?

Yes, it can be done but for the finest results, you will need an embroidery machine because the sewing machine lacks some functions which are needed for good embroidery. Also, it will be a bit difficult too.

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