Technology has provided a whole bunch of new features to embroidery machines. A vast number of personalized products are storming the market every day. Here you will know about the best embroidery machines for small business.

They are more efficient, automated and durable, and intelligent as compared to traditional ones. Still, not all models can work for your home business.

Picking up the right embroidery equipment for a business is hard and, the countless market items only add to the trouble. So we decided to share with you the most rated machines of all time.

Below is a compilation of some models of the best embroidery machines, which will drill their way to your best embroidery machines for small business lists!


Crafted after hours of research below is a comprehensive comparison table.

Now you can walk to the doorstep of your dream business embroidery machine in no time!

 Brother SE 800 Customized patterns
iBroidery integrated
Colored screen
Fine applique work 

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 Brother PE535   USB connectivity
Reasonable price
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 Brother SE600   Automated threading
Versatile design
Jam-free bobbin
Multiple built-in stitches
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 Brother SE1900   Seven different sewing feet
Smart LCD
Long time warranty
LED-lit work area
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 Brother LB5000S  Multiple faceplates
80 built-in templates
Monogramming features
710 stitches per minute
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 Janome Memory
Craft 9850
  Multi-needle features
Combo machine
Easy bobbin system
Lightening for dim place
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Brother SE 800 is a multifunctional machine that can both stitch and embroider. It is considered the best embroidery machine for small businesses. Let’s take a look at those fancy features which earned it the top place on our list!


The spacious working area of 5 by 7 inches is a remarkable feature of this machine. You can work on larger projects without adjusting the hoop every time. It is a huge time saver especially when you are dealing mostly with larger projects such as curtains, quilts, or jackets.


Brother has taken their time to infuse perfection into this model. It comes with a bright LCD of 3.2″ which allows you to browse and edit your designs swiftly. 11 lettering fonts, 138 built-in designs, and 14 border styles make it the best brother embroidery machine for small businesses. 


Another unmatched feature of Brother SE800 is its automatic threading system. The machine supports a mechanism of cutting when you change threads. There is a leaver and hook which facilitates the automatic threading. This threading system requires some practice to get a hang of it!


The machine supports advanced connectivity features. You can easily download designs from iBroidery. There is also a USB port that enables you to feed in your favorite designs. Internal storage helps the machine remember your customizations.


  • Illuminated work space
  • Internal storage
  • Colored 3.2” LCD
  • Easy bobbin mechanism
  • Vast design library


  • Only embroiders

BROTHER PE535- Multiple designing composition


From embellishing a garment to a personalized baby shower gift this machine can do it all. With its amazing design customization options, this can work as the best embroidery machine to start a small business.


Like all other Brother machines, the PE 535 is also very simple-looking. It has a vivid white plastic body with a few buttons on top. On the right side, there is the exceptional LCD screen which is the soul of the entire unit. It is portable and compact, opt for choice if you want a small business embroidery machine.


The PE535 comes with an embroidery area of 4×4″, which is the best for making customized patches. A large library of built-in designs includes designs for every, occasion from floral to holiday and Disney.

It offers 9 built-in lettering fonts that can be customized (using the LCD) according to your monogramming needs. For a newly emerging monogramming business this will serve as your dream monogramming machine for small businesses.


This model features an ultra-bright touch screen LCD of 3.2 inches. Being a touch-sensitive screen it is really easy to use. The graphics quality is good allowing you to clearly see and modify designs and colors.

The biggest take is that it has a colored screen unlike its predecessor PE525; which had a monochromatic display.

There is computer connectivity which means you can either attach it to your computer using a cable or even use a USB to import designs from various sources (iBroidery integrated).  


PE 535 may look like a product with limited capacity but it has the ultimate computerized mechanism to produce 400 stitches seamlessly in a minute. It has an automatic needle threading system which makes crafts more fun!


  • Automatic threading system
  • Lightweight
  • Best for dedicated patchwork
  • 80 built in template
  • 4×4 “embroidery hoop


  • Doesn’t sew


Brother se600

There may be a possibility that you are looking for an advanced model to speed up your home business. Luckily, Brother has addressed all business needs in this model. Now it has become the best embroidery machine for small business. Let’s take a glimpse of the features.


For starters, the machine is a 2 in 1 miracle, it can both stitch and embroider. If you are looking for a machine that helps you craft your projects more professionally and easily Brother SE600 is your best shot.

It comes with a superb LCD of 3.2 inches which displays the design is their exact colors. You can preview them and also customize the existing color palette with colors of your choice.

SE600 outperforms its competitors with its onscreen options. You can select bobbin filling, foot adjustment, and other attachments by navigating the options with a mere finger touch. A magic tip, you can also change the configuration of the built-in stitches.


You won’t like to buy a machine for your home business that can only work with a few fabrics. The Brother SE600 knows well the business needs, so it has a versatile fabric working range from flannel to lawn, satin, and even fraying fabrics. So next time you want to imprint a fancy design on a delicate fabric SE 600 got you covered!


Business folks lack one thing; excessive time. So when it comes to completing a bulky project in little time automated features work wonders. Being the best embroidery machine for small businesses it contains a jam-resistant bobbin with an auto threading system. You don’t have to strain your eyes to thread your needle every time.


Speed is a necessity of the modern world and Brother respects it. Therefore, the machine has a speed of 400 embroidery stitches and 750 sewing stitches to make your customers happy in no time. It comes with a 25-year warranty like many other Brother Machines.


  • 4 by 4 inches hoop
  • Great stitch library
  • Speed controller
  • Colored display
  • Larger realistic display


  • Breaks needles

Brother SE 1900- Embroidery and Sewing Combo


Brother manufacturers never go wrong in gifting their customers the most convincing features. Therefore, another super amazing Brother Embroidery machine is here. For all the embroidery enthusiasts seeking efficiency and speed, Brother SE 1900 is the top choice as the best embroidery machine for small business.

The embroidery and sewing combo

Stitching and embroidery in the same unit is an opportunity for extended convenience for embroiders. It helps entrepreneurs achieve both their embroidery and sewing aims with this complete 2 in 1 package. Also, it has 7 different sewing feet.

Built-in stitches and designs

Built-in stitches and designs are of great convenience. And especially, when there is an urgent task to be accomplished. This model comes with 240 built-in stitches and 140 embroidery designs.

Smart LCD and Working Space

It offers an adequate embroidery field of 5×7 inches. It highly facilitates working on larger designs. Moreover, it has a 3.2 color touch screen. With this smart LCD, previewing and editing designs becomes a very easy task.

Automated Needle Threader

Goodbye to the times when a wholesome struggle was required to thread the needle. Brother SE1900 brings in an auto needle threader. It threads the needles automatically. You no longer have to boggle about threading needles.


Who doesn’t like to have a reliable recovery option for any damage to the machine? And that too for 25 extended years. This model has a reliable 25 years warranty.


  • Advanced auto features
  • Embroidery and sewing in one unit
  • Smart display
  • Warranty for 25 years
  • 5×7 inches hoop


  • Learning to use it takes time.

BROTHER LB5000S – Edition Sewing and Embroidery Machine


Are you a Star Wars fan in search of the best embroidery machine for small business? Brother brings you luck once again. Brother LSB500S Stars Wars Edition Sewing and Embroidery Machine is a versatile machine to be used for your business effectively along with showing off your love for the Stars Wars characters. Read its features below to know what we are talking about.

Interchangeable faceplate designs

This machine comes with three interchangeable fun faceplate designs. These features the adored characters of Star Wars-like Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and RSD2. Also, it has a Star Wars-themed log faceplate that you can attach to the front bottom of the machine.

Built-in Designs and Stitches

It has 80 built-in designs. These include the not-themed Star Wars; extending its accessibility beyond the Star Wars fan franchise. Moreover, its 103 stitches help significantly to deal with any basic sewing project. In addition to this, it also has 9 monogramming fonts.

Embroidery Field and LCD display

This Brother’s model provides adequate working space to make any designs. Along with an embroidery hoop, it also has one embroidery arm and 7 point feet dog (sewing feet). Moreover, its 3.2 color touch screen edits any embroidery design just a finger touch ahead.

Auto-threading and High-end Sewing

Threading the needles is just a push-button ahead with Brother Star Wars SE Machine. Press the lever and the needle is threaded itself. Its optimum 710 stitches per minute sewing speed enables the user to get projects done quickly.

Dynamic Star Wars Design

The user can embroider Star Wars characters on any of their items with the available classic designs. It offers 10 Star Wars embroidery designs that can be downloaded from


  • Star Wars Designs
  • 80 built in designs
  • Interchangeable faceplates
  • High performance sewing
  • LCD Touchscreen


  • Embroidery hoop may not be suitable for some tasks.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850-Multitasker

Cheer up! It’s time to introduce your creative expressions to Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850.  This multi-purpose machine allows the user to bring to life their unique designs or brands effectively. It is considered the best monogram machine for small business. Here is what you need to know about it.

 Accessible in Various Procedures

This model comes with a machine bed that has a stainless steel plate. It can be used for embroidery. AcuFeed Flex is its layered feeding system having 8.1×4.7 inches workspace.


This machine has 175 embroidery patterns, 2 monogramming fonts, 200 built-in stitches, and 6 one-step buttonhole stitches. This means you have extended options of designs to use and convenient working.  Also, its retractable magnifier allows the user to view its designs from all directions or angles. The mode includes one free embroidery arm and 7 sewing feet.

Feasible Working system

It has a built-in automatic thread cutting system. It saves your time considerably when once you are done sewing or embroidery. Moreover, it is also possible to operate this machine while creating skips on the cloth. With its color Touchscreen, you can preview and edit the designs easily.

Multi-needle featured

Janome Horizon Memory craft is the best multi-needle embroidery machine for small businesses. It comes with the highest number of embroidery needles. This saves your cost of replacing the broken needles. It is also convenient for colored embroidery.

Auto Pulley features

It offers automatic positing of the pulley. The pulley returns to its position after cutting the thread with the support of the internal system.


  • Reliable auto features
  • 175 embroidery patterns
  • Easy bobbing system
  • Multi needle embroidery
  • 7 sewing feet


  • No tutorials available for “how to use it”.

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Buying Guide of Best Embroidery Machine for small Business

The best Embroidery Machine for small business needs to have a certain set of features. If you are wondering, what are the required factors to consider, we have listed them here. Also, all the above selections of products were based on the following factors.

  • Embroidery Field Size

The working space must be adequate to accommodate the designs you are working on. Different designs require different embroidery sizes. However, considering a machine with a standard embroidery field would allow you to work on larger and as well smaller projects.

  • LCD display

In addition to a standard display size for viewing the designs, a touch screen for editing is a bonus. Extended navigation and editing features are ideal for working easily on projects.

  • Built in designs

Consider a model with several embroidery designs and patterns. It eases the work as you can upload any of those and begin your project in no time.

  • Number of needles

It is frustrating to spend extra cost on broken needles or specific types of needles. So, an embroidery machine with more needles and are of different types saves the cost and gets the work done without any unexpected gaps.

  • Warranty

Warranty for a commercial embroidery machine is vital. It provides great aid of repair for any mechanical damage occurred facing commercial workload.

Commercial Embroidery Machines – Make the Job Easier

The early use of commercial embroidery machines to make embroidered items made the job very easy for the parties involved. The piece of work that would have taken several days to complete can now be completed in a matter of hours. A few years ago, every time you took your piece of fabric to a tailor for embroidery, you had to be patient and wait without rushing.

Likewise, tailors also had to be diligent and focused. However, with the continuous advancement in technology day by day, commercial embroidery machines are proving themselves with a lot of hype and fun from all sides.

Embroidery is now a simple task or a hobby thanks to commercial embroidery machines. There are different types of commercial embroidery machines, all of which represent an image of brilliance combined with advanced technological advancements.

Each model currently on the market is a modification of the previous ones, and it contains additional features. You will be amazed as soon as you see that the stitches that can be achieved by commercial embroidery machines are beyond your imagination. These are stitches that cannot be handcrafted at all.

Latest Digital Machines

The latest digital machines. This advanced technology allows you to customize the design you want before doing any embroidery work. This functionality is possible, thanks to the LCD screens of the devices which feed the data to the device. The designs included in these machines are many and it depends on your choice as well as other factors.

Usually, machines have preprogrammed designs during the manufacturing process. However, that doesn’t mean that your designs are only limited to the designs available on the device. This is not the case at all because digital devices have a USB port that you can connect to your computer.

With a computer, it is very easy to develop different models through the use of different software. Likewise, you can also download designs from the internet at no cost. Once you have your chosen design ready, you simply insert it into your digital embroidery machine and you will have your canvas.

Most people tend to think that with all these extra features the embroidery machine is bigger than the previous version. However, this is only a bad idea as the result of the extra features conflict with what people think.

Advances in technology require that the size of the machine is also reduced considerably. Therefore, digital commercial embroidery machines for small business are smaller in size compared to previous versions.

These embroidery machines are offered at different prices depending on the model. The models have different features, and the more additional features, the higher the price. You can still get perfect deals from all of these flagship machines. However, before purchasing the commercial embroidery machines of your choice, it is always advisable to do some research first.

Take a Survay about the Best Embroidery Machines for Small Business

Putting resources into an embroidery machine is certainly not an economical advance, and you don’t should be in a hurry. You might need to buy this machine to begin embroidery all alone or to build your embroidery achievements as a diversion.

Whatever the justification for buying, you ought to put resources into a machine that offers a decent completion for your cash. To purchase a saint machine, you need to discover proficient exhortation which isn’t difficult to get, particularly if you don’t have the foggiest idea about any specialists actually.

This is the place where machine embroidery audits will prove to be useful. These surveys can be found on the web and are made by experts who thoroughly understand sewing and embroidery machines.

By exploring the surveys, you will get an outline of your ideal sewing and embroidery machine. You may believe that the maker offers a rundown of highlights and you may find a ton about the gadget through utilizing them.

Notwithstanding, not the entirety of the highlights referenced by the makers are helpful, and you won’t acclimate yourself with the ones that are not valuable before utilizing them. Surveys show you explicit information about the gadget’s highlights and permit you to settle on an educated choice.

Numerous embroidery machines are frequently sold as top-quality models and you won’t pick what is appropriate for you. Regardless of whether you are mistaken for the initial phase in purchasing a sewing machine for embroidery, a survey of an embroidery machine will prove to be useful.

Pundits bust the fantasies about the machine and disclose to you who can profit from it. If you just purchase a machine for doing embroidery as a side interest, you would prefer not to put resources into proficient machines.

Try not to allow merchants to persuade you to purchase an embroidery sewing machine. You can stay away from the present circumstance by turning into an insightful customer in the wake of going through numerous audits of the embroidery machines you need to purchase. You can likewise have a go at finding out about the embroidery machine utilized if you are on a limited financial plan.

How to Buy the Best Embroidery Machine for Small Business?

Purchasing the best embroidery machine for small business is the best speculation any financial backer can make. A great many people keep away from embroidery work since they see it as too requesting as well as being lumbering. A couple of years prior, I would have coexisted with these individuals.

Nonetheless, with the expanding mechanical headways right now tormenting the embroidery business, I can’t help contradicting them. The creation and resulting revealing of the better than ever modern embroidery machine brought a murmur of help from different backgrounds.

For sure, anybody keen on the embroidery business was very much aware of the advantages that this machine would bring. Unquestionably, the minds of every one of those engaged with perhaps the biggest business on the planet, the embroidery business, were not bogus.

Mechanical Embroidery Machine

The mechanical embroidery machine did a task that appeared to be oddly intricate and pointless. While buying these machines for your business is a capital motivator, you can in any case get your capital back in a matter of moments. Similarly, machines drastically decrease the time it takes to complete a solitary piece of texture.

Here is a portion of the fundamental advantages of gaining a modern embroidery machine for your potential benefit.

In the present occupation market where serious rivalry is the thing to take care of, it is incredibly helpful to think of amazing techniques that you can use to expand your benefits and stay applicable to the business market.

This must be accomplished if you have the privilege of completely incorporated procedures with the correct resources for the work.

In any case, it is as yet imperative to consider a few factors so you don’t get excessively energetic and fail to remember what you are searching for. Your embroidery machine ought to be smaller with every one of the important highlights set up.

This implies that prior to surrendering your cash, you ought to do an exhaustive examination to decide whether the mechanical embroidery machine is working and if all parts are flawless.

While at a similar value, you should purchase a machine that gives you what you pay for. Thus, it is consistently prudent to do an exhaustive examination to figure out where you can get the gadget at the least expensive cost among every one of the stores accessible.

Different Elements to Consider

Different elements to consider, while buying the best mechanical embroidery machine for small business, like your work prerequisites. If you are maintaining a huge scope embroidery business, you can generally search for a fine multi-needle embroidery machine.

This modern embroidery machine is quick and can deal with numerous plans immediately. Your objective ought to consistently be to go for a mechanical embroidery machine that works productively, unobtrusively, and easily.

A machine, which is worked by one individual and can play out a few pieces of a task at the same time, is unquestionably savvy and profoundly proficient for any work.

This assists in withholding your clients and lets loose space that you can use for different purposes. With everything taken into account, the creation of the modern embroidery machine is another daybreak for all financial backers in this rewarding business.

Home Embroidery Machines -Their Pros and Cons

Home embroidery machines are an ally for some home ladies. In the new past, numerous individuals understood that they could acquire a huge pay utilizing home embroidery machines. When purchasing an embroidery machine, you should know some intriguing highlights of the machine.

This is because all great machines need to be intended to give these highlights. It ought to be noticed that there is a wide range of models of home embroidery machines, and each presents significant parts of embroidery for the individuals who will utilize it.

Home embroidery machines are a venture that can be delighted in for quite a while. If you purchase a quality unit, you can be guaranteed value execution for a long time to come. Also, quality units are known to require negligible upkeep over their lifetime.

If you take the time and exertion to track down the home embroidery machines that best suit your necessities, you will have a fortune that you will appreciate for quite a while. Consequently, this will permit you to consistently deal with the parts of the embroidery that energize you the most.

While picking which home embroidery machines to get, you need to think about a couple of variables. Above all else, it is consistently imperative to painstakingly assess your embroidery procedures.

Which piece of your embroidery annoys you the most? When you reach that determination, discover a machine that can cause you to do the things you disdain effectively and rapidly.

Second, would you say you are wanting to purchase a home embroidery machine or more? Various machines have various limits. Accordingly, you can decide to purchase a machine that best offers every one of the capacities you need and one that offers the vast majority of the characteristics you need.

It is additionally critical to consider the specialization of your sewing undertakings. The more specific they are, the more particular the gadget you should purchase.

For instance, a machine that can extend to sewing employment opportunities and afterward have the option to offer discretionary embroidery capacities is a machine certainly worth your cash.

It is additionally prudent to buy a machine that permits you to play out the capacities that you perform as often as possible. This will extraordinarily expand your creative limits. It will likewise save you the weariness of rehashing a similar undertaking constantly.

In this period when innovation has reformed all parts of life, it is feasible to discover PC helped embroidery machines in the home. Utilizing a PC, you can make rich plans that match the ideal appearance of embroidery. At that point, you can straightforwardly embed this plan into your gadget and produce probably the most popular embroidery.

Subsequently, it is consistently critical to altogether investigate a home embroidery machine, to ensure that the entirety of your necessities is met. This way you can get what you pay for.

If you have got some questions, find their answers here.


What is a good embroidery machine for small business?

There are many options that can work as a good embroidery machine for small business but you can consider Brother SE600, Brother SE1900, and Janome Memory craft 11000.

Can I sew leather with an embroidery machine?

Most Brother Machines have versatile fabric working ranges. But to avoid damaging your machine always confirm from the manual which fabrics your product supports.

What is the purpose of a pressure foot?

A pressure foot holds the fabric in place so it doesn’t slip while stitching.

Which Brother machine is the best commercial embroidery machine for a small business?

Brother SE 1900 is your go-to for the best commercial option at a reasonable price.


We hope that this guide has helped you make a choice of the best embroidery machine for small business. All you have got to do is figure out the most suitable for your business. If you are a beginner then go for BEST EMBROIDERY MACHINES FOR Beginners.

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