8 Best Embroidery Machines UK in 2022-Reviews & FAQs

Creating your favorite and artistic embroidery with the best embroidery machines UK is no longer a big deal. It is no wonder to add on different motifs, flair to the dress or make it more appealing and attractive. Every choice and dream turns to be a reality with your best embroidery machine.

Investing in the embroidery machine is a wise decision. It will let you design various items with attractive monographs. Let your creativity do the magic on your dresses, towels, denim, bags, or anything. The incorporation of technological innovation- digital versions, is another cherry on top. Finding a suitable embroidery machine is no more a headache with our comprehensive list ahead.

Best Embroidery Machines UK in 2022 -The Comparison Table

Let us extract the best features and their advantages to help you in your selection. After thorough research, we are here with the 8 best embroidery machines in 2022. So, you can choose the best embroidery machine within no time. Choose smartly.

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 Brother PE800 • Ideal for lettering and monogramming
• Best for beginners,
• 138 built-in designs and 11 fonts
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 Brother SE1900 • Automatic features
• 240 stitches and 11 fonts for embroidery
• Perfect for monogramming
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 Brother PE550D • 125 designs
• Perfect for home and small businesses
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 Brother PE770 • Perfect for beginners Embroidery
• compatibility
• Highly Affordable
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 Singer Legacy
• 250 designs (built-in) • 200 embroidery (built-in)
• Fast speed
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 Janome Memory
Craft 500E
• Ideal for all fabrics
• One-click changes -multi-color design into a single color
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 Brother SE600 • Large LCD touch screen
• High stitching speed
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 Janome Memory
Craft 550E
• Largest embroidery field by Janome
• Adjustable speed of embroidery 400-860 SPM.
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Overview of 8 Best Embroidery Machines UK in 2022

Brother PE800

Brother PE800 is one of the best digital embroidery machines UK, with 138 designs (built-in). You will find it jam-packed with numerous accessories, features, and designs you wish to have in your embroidery machine.

You will love the 5×7 designs jam-packed with automatic features like thread cutter, needle threader. Furthermore, the top set quick bobbin quickly pulls the thread during your sewing. You don’t need to do it in between. Moreover, it is the brother embroidery machine UK for lettering and monogramming.

Our Take

The embroidery machine got its own 138 designs and 11 fonts. You can watch it easily on the large LCD. It is ideal for beginners packed with all the essential features required at a nominal price. However, it is only an embroidery machine.


  • Single needle embroidery machine
  • On-screen editing
  • Highly affordable
  • User Friendly
  • USB port for further designs


  • For embroidery only
  • No digitized software

Brother SE1900


Being a computerized machine, you have the liberty to use it with the front buttons or the foot pedal. It has a large area for designing, mixing various colors, and lettering. Before stitching, have a look at the LED large-sized screen.

Moreover, you can use the color pallets (built-in) for changing the colors of embroidery threads. Get ready to choose from the 240 splendid stitches. The buttonhole of 1 step carries ten different styles. Be Creative with its feature of drop feed. It is the best sewing machine with embroidery UK to let you enjoy free-motion sewing and your customized designs.

Our Take

You can enjoy designing and making your designs with free-motion sewing. The screen is also significant to display your styles before stitching. It is the best combination of sewing and embroidery machine UK. Be happy your hands are on one of the best embroidery machines in the UK.


  • Easy to use
  • Huge embroidery field
  • Side and horizontal stitching
  • 25 years warranty
  • Multiple built-in designs and fonts


  • Highly expensive
  • Only for beginners

Brother PE550D

Add on this best brother embroidery machine UK with the impeccable features. Don’t worry; it will not cost you an arm and a leg. The machine is specifically for embroidery. The embroidery machine offers 125 designs (built-in) to choose from, its impressive and decorative embroidery library. Nothing can beat Brother when it comes to sewing and embroidery.

Furthermore, if you wish to add on more designs, you have the choice of USB. The LCD screen is a further remarkable feature to view every font and design and change the thread colour. Feel free to bring adjustments to your fonts (built-in).

Our Take

You will love your choice Brother PE550D for its uncountable features to make your embroidery more beautiful and appealing. Whether you wish for home use, small business, or large scales, the vast embroidery area makes handling large projects easy enough.


  • User friendly
  • Large coloured LCD
  • Various embroidery designs
  • Easy winding of the bob-in
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Single hoop size for embroidery
  • Ideal for solely embroidery

Brother PE770

Are you searching for the best embroidery machine UK for home businesses and small businesses? Then, it is the perfect choice for you if you wish to step ahead in embroidery. The two LEDs let you work day and night without any lighting issues. Choose any of the modern or traditional 136 built-in designs for your embroidery. You can even choose from ibroidery.com for more designs.

Being one of the best value embroidery machines in the UK, it offers a large stitching area to carry on your large projects. Ultimately, enjoy customizing your simple or expert designs in generous spacing without any fail or rehooping. The 650 stitches in a minute are a perfect go for your committed goals in a day. It will never let you down.

Our Take

It is a perfect addition for the embroidery enthusiast and small businesses to look for Brother PE770D. IT lets them reach their goals with its incredible speed of 650 stitches per minute. Moreover, you can also set its speed in the operations panel.


  • Easy threading
  • Amazing stitch quality
  • Easy setup and learning
  • High speed
  • Clear vision in the LCD
  • Embroidery compatibility


  • Issues for bobbing
  • No instructions for hooping in the manual

Singer Legacy SE300

When it comes to stitching and embroidery, Singer is the other name for the best embroidery machine. It turns out to be ideal for beginners, but you have to go through its manual to start correctly.

But once done, there will be no hindrance in your embroidery and stitching sessions. The 250 stitches- inbuilt and 800 embroidery stitches make it an excellent choice for quick delivery.

Our Take

You will simply love its sturdy design with a heavy metal frame. It is suitable to offer to stitch free from skips. Moreover, it is preferable to wish for a durable hand embroidery machine and pass it to your next generations. After all, it is a bit pricey.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Smooth sewing unit
  • Good auto-tension adjustments
  • Intuitive usage
  • Appealing design


  • Flimsy hoops
  • Too many screens for final embroidery
  • Inappropriate throat size for quilts

Janome Memory Craft 500E


If you want to get the most popular and the best sewing and embroidery machine UK, it is the right choice to serve you. The high speed of 860 stitches per minute makes it the quickest stitching and embroidery machine UK on our list.

You will have the choice of 6 monogramming with 180 designs built-in. Furthermore, You have a wide array to select from modern geometric to elegant floral designs from quilting designs. Snipping thread is also not a tough job due to its automated thread cutter. Moreover, it will stop with the automatic programming when you change its thread color.

Our Take

We find Janome Memory Craft to be ideal for both beginners and experts. The crafters love to create beautiful embroidery in the spacious work area. The best embroidery machine UK for custom designs lets you personalize, customize your projects and move towards complex ones.


  • Ergonomic rectangular design
  • An Anti-slipping sticker prevents slipping
  • Tight holding of embroidery loops
  • User-friendly design


Bit bulky

Brother SE600

Brother se600

Are you looking for the best combination sewing and embroidery machine UK? Here you go with the Brother SE600, the predecessor of Brother SE400. It can justify anything, pricing, specifications, features, and versatility. The built-in 103 stitches and 80 embroidery patterns make it favorable for every sewist.

You will love to buy this workhorse with a stitching speed of 800 stitches in a minute. The 3.7 inches large LCD touchscreen provides you with the opportunity of editing, personalizing, and previewing your embroidery patterns for stitching.

Our Take

Connect your Brother embroidery machine UK to your computer and import the latest and your most wanted designs through USB ports and cables. You even have the choice of the memory stick. Sewing turns to breeze with automatic features like bobbin winding and needle threader.


  • Highly versatile
  • User friendly
  • Fast stitching speed
  • Easy to read display
  • Smooth sewing


  • Bit expensive

Janome Memory Craft 550E


Get ready to spice up your embroidery patterns with the highly powerful machine for embroidery only. You have the liberty to create styles and designs with your personal touch. Janome lets you enjoy the privilege of personalization, embellishing, and monogramming. None of your garments, home décor things, and accessories can remain devoid of beautiful embroideries.

Janome came up with the most significant 7.9″ by 14″ embroidery field due to its new hoop- RE36b. It is the only most giant hoop Janome ever chose for its embroidery machine. Large projects are completed quickly with the reduced quantity of re-hooping and hopping bigger patterns.

Our Take

We recommend Janome Memory Craft 550E for personalizing and customizing your gorgeous designs on your favorite gifts. You can even choose it for starting your business. It can be monogramming or embroidery, whatever suits your best. You can rely on your hard-working partner, Janome.


  • Biggest embroidery area
  • One-click can change the multi-colours into a single colour design
  • Adjustable stitches per minute according to the needs
  • User friendly
  • Easy saving of multiple designs


  • Embroidery only
  • Unique hoops required to do embroidery in the cappings
  • One thread colour at a time only

Factors to Consider the Best Embroidery Machine UK

The foremost important is to consider your requirements for buying the best embroidery machine in the UK. Ensure your embroidery machines of the UK are user-friendly, easy to operation, simple, durable, and precise. You must consider all the factors discussed below before you buy an embroidery machine.

Embroidering capability

You have to pay special attention to what stuff you want to do your embroidery on. Keep in mind every task needs not the same embroidery machine.

Flat fabrics require the designs of the majority of the embroidery machines. However, you need embroidery machines with the more advanced specs and features if you plan to embroidery irregular shapes, caps, bags, jumpers, and hats.

Nevertheless, the fabric type also decides the required embroidery machines. Low-cost embroidery machines create difficulties on thick items like plush, towels, and denim.

Hoop size

This specific area is somehow really critical when you wish to create exceptional designs. It requires more time to complete tasks with small hoop sizes. However, monogramming is possible with the 4 by 4 inches hoop sizes. This limited size is available in low-end embroidery machines in the UK.

We strongly recommend the best embroidery sewing machine UK with large hoops if you have a reasonable budget. Don’t worry if you wish to do something for more extensive embroideries; hoop sizes of 5×7 inches are enormous. You will find these as highly-priced, but they will prove highly beneficial in the long term.


It is something you must be looking forward to in your best sewing and embroidery machines UK. In contemporary times, PC connectivity and USB ports are sparkling up the new majority of models. This feature lets them explore more unique designs. That’s not all! You can plan to reuse the saved exclusive designs in the future.

Nonetheless, your best-computerized embroidery machine in the UK is perfect for getting your exceptional handmade designs in a short time. There will be no risk of high difficulty levels or ample time to get your embroidery ready.

Don’t underestimate the power of PC connectivity because it allows its users to create a masterpiece by incorporating changes and altering their favorite designs. Therefore, even if you plan to buy the best embroidery machine for beginners in the UK, look for PC connectivity or a USB port. SD card is the least you can look for.

Throat width

Beginners must surely understand the throat width. It is the distance between the body machine and the needle. Beginners find the minor throat highly annoying and frustrating because setting the cloth turns out to be complicated. So, the best embroidery machines for beginner UK must have an ample throat width to help them in their embroidery.

Machine Efficiency

You can calculate the efficiency of the machines with the SPM ( stitches per minute) and needle quantity. You can easily and quickly get through to your tasks in less time.

You have to consider the best embroidery machine for home business in the UK, commercial usage or your use, with the high efficiency. After all, your precious time is your money. You cannot waste time with low-end sewing and embroidery machines.

The automatic changing of the various color threads, but the multi-needle machines let you have your ideal pattern within no time. Moreover, you don’t need time to time or frequent changing of the threads In such machines. All you need to do is install your colors in one go and save time.

Moreover, you can witness high stitches compared to the multi-needle machines that win over single needle machines. The prices may soar up with the high quantity of needles. Keep in mind that you must have four needles at least in the devices for the best embroidery machine for small businesses UK or beginners.

Screen Size

The best commercial embroidery machine in the UK needs screen size (LCD) significantly. You need to remain more vigilant and vision for the task completion with the small-sized screens. Furthermore, if you have eyesight issues, a small screen is not preferable. Placing designs with touch screen LCDs on the right suitable locations turn out to be highly challenging.

You will find these big screen sizes (LCD) to increase your machine’s price. But in the meanwhile, it is worth it. You will notice significant work loss and maximized productivity.


Every embroidery machine got different. So, you need to search for the one that best fits your needs. However, don’t miss to look at the add-on accessories such as:

  • Extra hoops,
  • Sewing case,
  • Presser’s feet
  • Quilting table

Service Choices

Repairing is the last factor you must consider before buying the best combination sewing and embroidery machine UK. The majority of them come along with an extended warranty.

However, you should also consider the self-repairing charges, price, and availability of its spare parts. Never compromise on the quality of parts. Genuine parts with high service can increase the durability of your embroidery machines.

FAQs-Best Embroidery Machines UK

Are all the embroidery machines with advanced features costly?

Undoubtedly, the best embroidery machine with advanced features is expensive. However, you may get the best embroidery sewing machine with more features at a lower price.

Are all the machines versatile?

Every embroidery machine is versatile, even if it is not highly expensive.

What is the best combination of sewing and embroidery machine UK?

The combination of sewing and embroidery machines allows embroidery and stitching. You may also come across its other name as a digital embroidery machine.

Why is there a price difference in the best embroidery machines in the UK?

The best industrial embroidery machine in the UK is expensive because of its impressive features. But the best embroidery machine for small businesses in the UK comes at low prices.

Wrap Up -Best Embroidery Machines UK

All the best embroidery Machines UK got versatility, a computerized embroidering feature, and multi-tasks. However, some may charge heft prices for the best embroidery machines because of their impressive features, while some may be affordable because of their excellent qualities.

You have the choice of connecting your best embroidery machine UK to the wifi for downloading designs directly or combining them now with the computers; even a USB device will work out. However, we advise you not to go for expensive ones if you have no experience and are a beginner. Advanced features and high speed is preferable for the commercial and expert level.

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