Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine in 2022 – Buyer Guide

You have a knack for crafting stellar embroidery pieces, and now you have decided to turn your hobby into a profitable business, right? Whether you’re starting a home-based embroidery business, a commercial-level embroidery business, or just want to satisfy your hobby cravings, a multi-needle embroidery machine for home business comes in handy by completing your embroidery projects in less time. 

Nothing is more frustrating when you’ve got tons of orders, but you’re not capable of creating enough projects on your own. While running your embroidery business, when you use a multi-needle machine, it speeds up your projects’ completion process that results in significant revenue. 

This all can be done with the help of a multi-needle embroidery machine as it has the potential to complete your tasks with quality and less time simultaneously. If you’re facing this, then that’s the point where you should get a multi-needle embroidery machine to deliver the best quality embroidery projects and complete large projects in less time. 

7 Best Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines 2022

So, due to all these reasons, you have decided to buy the best needle embroidery machine 2022, but as the market is flooded with tens and thousands of multi-needle machines, you end up getting confused and find it hard to self for your usage. The market is full of enormous machines with diverse potentials, prices and capabilities.

While it may seem mediocre to you, but that is the top thing that you should put in your checklist when you’re making your buying decision.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of the best-rated multi-needle embroidery machines to give you a range of options through which you can choose the one for yourself below.


Image Product Details   Price
cordlessblower Janome
⦁ Portable
⦁ 4 Needles
⦁ RCS & LED lights
⦁ Wind up Bobbin feature
⦁ Automatically thread cutting feature
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backpac Doublelin
⦁ 14 needles
⦁ Compact size
⦁ Warranty of 5 years
⦁ Pre-installed designs up to 22k
⦁ Various ports for better connectivity such as USB, DST, DSB etc.
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cordlessblower Janome
⦁ 7 needles
⦁ Bobbing winder
⦁ RCS of 5.7 inches
⦁ USB port & 10 fonts
⦁ Automatic thread breaking feature
⦁ Jump Thread trim is programmable
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cordlessblower Babylock
⦁ 10 Needles
⦁ 1k stitches under 1 minute
⦁ 10.1 inches IPS LED screen
⦁ Fours hoops, colour visualizer and USP ports
⦁ Needle camera and 5 LED lights near the needle area
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backpac Juki Tajima
Sai 8 Needle
⦁ 8 Needles
⦁ Portable and LED lights
⦁ User-friendly interference
⦁ 800 stitches under 1 minute
⦁ 6 fonts & Automatic trim thread feature
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backpac Melco Amaya
⦁ 16 Needles
⦁ Four Hoops
⦁ OS Bravo Software
⦁ Design shop software
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backpac BERNINA
E 16
⦁ 4 Hoops
⦁ 16 Needles
⦁ Industrial machine
⦁ Speed up the working process
⦁ Thread kit to start right away
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Janome MB 4S-4 Needle Embroidery Machine


Do you run a home-based embroidery business? If so, then that is the point you should consider buying the Janome MB-4S.  The embroidery machine assists efficiently in your embroidery projects, no matter how complicated they are, and completes them before the actual time.

Manual threading can be somewhat agonizing, yet once the threading is set up, it’s simple enough to thread the new thread and get it through so you don’t need to thread it through. New. While it is as yet workable for certain individuals to experience tricky gadgets more often than not, it is the client’s deficiency.

The same goes for the spool, the machines took a book before it was sent. This is a simple to learn machine which, if appropriately kept up, is a workforce. It doesn’t occupy a lot of room and is sufficiently light to sit on a standard table or work area.


Lets discuss some of the amazing features of Janome MB 4S-4 Needle Embroidery Machine.


Due to its compact sizes, you don’t have to worry about its storage as it can easily be stored anywhere in the house. Though it is quite expensive, it’s worth buying as it provides enormous features that enable you to deal with complex embroidery projects in no time at all.

Home & Commercial Use

This machine comes up with four needles that make you work faster. The significant part of this machine that states it apart from others is that it is suitable for both usages: commercial and home usage to prepare eye-catchy embroidery pieces that level up your business name. 

Embroidery Projects Complete Quickly

This machine is designed with four needles that can use four different colors of threads simultaneously. With its four needles, you become super-fast to complete the embroidery projects that make you create breathtaking embroidery pieces that you haven’t imagined before. 

Built-in Designs & Connectivity

When you get this machine, the outstanding feature you will get is its 50 built-in embroidery designs. You get the potential to create various designs without overthinking about making different designs on your own from the beginning. All you have to do is insert the USB in it and then create beautiful designs uniquely different from one another. 

With this machine’s help, you can do threading without any great hassle because you just have to follow the ready-made colored pattern along with thread. This multi-needle machine is automated that level ups the procedure of completing embroidery tasks quickly.

LCD Screen Display

This machine comes up with an LCD screen from which you can control various settings of the machine. Having said that, though you can’t check the design visually, it allows you to change the settings.

With these monogramming fonts, you become able to create tailor-made embroidery orders for your customers and clients that make them love your embroidery detailing and projects.

Want to beat your competitor embroidery, business owners? Then you don’t have to worry about it anymore. With the Janome 4MB machine, you can cover a large area with embroidery work as it offers maximum embroidery sizes.


  • Portable
  • LED light.
  • 4 Needles& RCS
  • Thread cutting auto feature
  • Can cover large surfaces for embroidery work


  • May break your bank
  • You can’t uplift the presser footer

Doublelin LCF-150-14 Needle Embroidery Machine

Here we’ve picked another embroidery machine to excel your embroidery projects. No matter how complex your embroidery project is, the Doublelin LCF-1501 has what it takes to enhance your business.

Above all else, the gadget’s screen saver comes preloaded, the granny and canine photographs are standard and doesn’t mean the gadget has been repaired, and so forth You can alter the pictures utilizing a compressed media drive. The gadget was not difficult to set up, yet I’m experiencing difficulty bringing in my records from USB. Does anybody have any recommendations? I’m utilizing a PC MAC however the records are DST and JEF.

The needle would break again and again. Since you can make the mod, it works extraordinary. In case if you are a novice to sewing it is crushing to have a machine that doesn’t work out of the case.


Products features are listed below.

Compact Size

It is specially designed to assist and make your projects spark from the rest of your competitors out there. The significant concerns regarding these machines are how and where to store them. But Doublelin incorporation Inc. has developed this machine in a compact size, making it easier for you to store it whenever you desire.

Home & Industrial Usage

That’s the reason that makes it suitable for both home and commercial use. If we ignore its high priced tag, it is a robust embroidery machine that efficiently and effectively wraps up your delicate embroidery projects.

14 Needles for Fast Operation

Despite this, one of the main reasons that come in with 14 needles is that you get the chance to level up the speed of your working capability that results in getting your projects done on time. This machine is capable enough to manage diverse fabric embroidery projects from T-shirts to shoes; from bags to formal dresses, from shoes to enormous items, it has covered it all.


While using this machine, you can notice that it contains a USB port that enables you to run files on it. Also, the manufacturers have installed 100 million stitches in it that make your work easier. No need to worry about your stitches not matching with previous ones, enabling you to work smart.

Pre-Installed Designs to Create Excellent Embroidery Patterns

With 15 colours, you can get the chance to develop endless elegant and eye-catching embroidery patterns on a vast area that allows you to do embroidery on large surface areas. With this embroidery machine, you get access to 22k+ pre-installed designs that boost your work efficiency and enable you to create elegant yet diverse designs without putting too much effort into your projects. 

Pre-Installed Softwares

This machine contains pre-installed soft wares; all you have to do is choose the embroidery pattern and then make the pattern on the surface of your desire. What stands it out from the crowd is that it comes up with five years of warranty that makes your life easier.


  • Compact size
  • 5-year warranty
  • 100+ pre-installed stitches 
  • Built for Industrial and home use
  • Contains 14 needles for a fast process


  • No explanatory manual
  • Not easy to use for newbies

Janome 001MB7-7 Needle Embroidery Machine

Unleash your next embroidery project to scale up your home business to the commercial level with a multi-needle embroidery machine.

There were arbitrary photographs of a canine and a grandma acting with her grandkids like a screensaver for the machine – so I was extremely frustrated that I didn’t get another machine. One of the needles was additionally broken on appearance. By and large, the machine is not difficult to utilize.


It contains seven needles that are used while preparing an embroidery order. It comes along with three hoops from 50mm x 50mm, 126mm x 100mm, and 240mm x 200mm, respectively, enabling you to complete diverse projects conveniently.

RCS, Pre-installed Designs & Connectivity

The main feature that highlights it from the rest of the world is its Remote Computer Screen, which is 5.7 inches capable of showing all of the designs you upload to the machines through a USB port. When you start using it, you also get access to use the pre-installed designs. Also, you get fonts monogramming fonts too. 


These machines are heavyweight most of the time, but thanks to Janome 001MB7, you can deal with just 59 lbs. of portable machines that provide convenience for usage. Not just that, one of the main hurdles while doing the intricate work of embroidery, you have to face the frustration of putting in threads into the needle hoop in the dark.

LED Lights, Bobbin Winder & a Large Bobbin

But when it comes to Janome 001MB7, you don’t have to worry about it. The needle area is designed specially to solve this issue. For this, you can find 6 LED lights near the needle area that saves a lot of time. With all this, it comes up with a bobbin winder and a large bobbin too. With that said, it is the best multi-needle embroidery machine.


  • Portable & lightweight
  • Bobbins winder feature
  • Better connectivity options
  • Thread breaks automatic feature
  • RIGHT for home and industrial use
  • Reprogrammable jump thread break
  • Contains 7 needles for quick operation


  • Hefty price
  • It does make loud noises

Babylock Valiant 10-Needle Embroidery Machine 

So, you have decided to upgrade your embroidery work accessories, and that’s the reason you should consider Babylock’s ten needle embroidery machine.

It is an extremely cool machine and it is not difficult to figure out how to utilize it. It is a reconditioned machine rather than another one in light of the fact that there was a pre-filled bobbin in the spool holder. On the off chance that anybody has an issue, simply google. Everything is clarified. I did the above as the principal thing I did. We anticipate more.

Janome MB 4S is a fantasy. Indeed, the gadget has a filled spool introduced, which is great as you get an additional spool, there are photographs included, and that is for no particular reason. The most amazing aspect about the gadget is that it is not difficult to utilize. Threading bearings, spool mounting, and plan transmission were clear.


Let’s discuss the features of the Babylock Valiant 10-Needle Embroidery Machine.

Tons of stitches in Under 1 Minute

It is the machine that lets you sew gorgeous embroidery patterns wherever you desire in less time. Thinking about how your projects can be done so quickly? It’s because you become able to complete 1000 stitches in under 1 minute. The bold in it makes your life easier by helping you intricate embroidery patterns with no hassle.


It comes up with an HD, 10.1 LCD screen that can showcase design and patterns with 16 million vibrant colors visually to the user.  With this LCD, you can detect the stitching pattern’s defect just by zooming in the pattern for more than 200%, resulting in faultless stitched embroidery pieces. 

LED Light Bulbs

The needles allow you to see the needles from the needle perspective. Putting the thread into the Needle is not a hassle anymore because its needle areas contain 5 LED lights for our convenience. You also got the built-in 120 design patterns.

Color Visualizer & Connectivity

Not just that, you also get the four loops, 3 USB ports for connectivity, and a color visualizer that enables you to turn your design patterns into the eye-catchy hub of colors. With that said, it’s a must-have for hobbyists, home-based and commercial business that won’t make you regret at all.


  • 5 LED lights
  • Colour visualizer
  • 4 loops near needle area
  • 10.1 HD, LCD, three ports
  • Under 1 minute, you can do 1000 stitches easily


  • Not a cost-effective option!
  • Too much expensive; not suitable for budget buyers.

Juki Tajima Sai 8-Done Your Orders Quickly

Whether you’re a hobbyist or just want to buy a multi-needle embroidery machine, then that’s the point you should buy Juki Tajima Sai 8 is the point you should consider buying.
I have had 1 needle weaving for more than 8 years. I at last changed to a 7 needle weaving machine and love it.

This is a decent Janome item, yet it is extremely simple to figure out how to utilize it. The guidance booklet is little and doesn’t assist with everything, except there are huge loads of YouTube recordings that will address the entirety of your inquiries.


It is the most portable and breathtaking design, which is suitable for both home and commercial use. This machine’s noteworthy feature is that it comes along with a controlling panel that is hard to find with this price tag.

Can Tolerate Heavy Load

This machine is suitable for you. If you get loads of orders consistently and your previous machine doesn’t bear your workload, then that’s the reason you should consider buying this machine as it can bear a hefty workload.

Enormous Stitches in Just 1 Minute

Also, it speeds up completing embroidery tasks quickly as it can stitch 800 stitches per 1 minute. With this eight needle embroidery machine, you become able to complete your tasks effectively. 

Pre-Installed Designs & Connectivity

You also don’t need another person to manage the device, as you can do it all with automatic thread trimming functionality. The significant part is that, along with various already installed designs, you also get the accessibility to upload your personalized designs on it too that can be transferred through the USB port. 


  • Portable 
  • Fast operation
  • LED lights near the needle area
  • Automatic thread trimming capability
  • Control panel integrated with Touch screen


  • Just OKAY build quality
  • Comparatively, work slowly than its rivals.

Melco Amaya Bravo-16 Needle Embroidery Machine

We have added another machine to this detailed list of multi-thread embroidery machines: the Melco Amaya Bravo embroidery machine.


Have a look at some of its features.

16 Needles for Fast Execution

One of the main problems you face is that you got a plethora of embroidery orders. Still, your previous machine doesn’t run at full speed, making you worry about getting all of these complex embroidery projects within the given time. Then this single-headed machine is the RIGHT option you should go for. With its 16 needles, you get the potential to complete a large embroidery pattern in less time

Comes Up with Various Accessories

Despite this, various accessories allow a person to create various embroidery designs without any problem. It comes along with digitizing software that enhances the working procedure of your work.

Bravo OS and other Softwares

Additionally, you don’t have to worry much about the thread tensions anymore as it can be managed by Bravo OS that decreases the chances of getting your thread break and enhances the work operation at the same time. With that said, this machine can be installed quickly, and you can create various embroidery designs without any hassle. 


  • Comes with 4 hoops
  • Single-headed machine
  • OS Bravo+ Design shop+ software
  • Suitable for home & commercial use
  • 16 needles speeding up the operation process


  • Regular maintenance needed
  • High-cost, not suitable for budget buyers
  • A separate laptop is required to upload a personalized design

BERNINA E 16-16 Needle Embroidery Machine

BERNINA E 16 is the last one that we have picked for you. Whether you’re just turning your embroidery home-based mini business to the commercial one or you just want to level up your business gears, then that’s the point where your BERNINA E 16 works wonders.

Get Complex Projects Done Quickly

It is an embroidery machine multi-needle (16) that fastens up your difficult embroidery projects completion time, making you meet your deadline on time. 

Additional Accessories to Start Right Away

In addition to this, you also get various accessories that aids in excelling your embroidery business. This machine is suitable for home and industrial usage as it has got the extra potential that enhances the machine’s overall performance.

Infrequent Bobbin Changes

This machine rests assured you with the capability of delivering the most delicate stitches that you haven’t seen before. With this machine, you don’t have to frequently change the bobbins, resulting in boosting the project’s completion rate. Additionally, you can do embroidery from hats to T-shirts and various other fabrics. 


  • Contains 4 hoops
  • Industrial machine
  • Fast working speed
  • Thread kit for starters
  • With 16 needles, you can sew up 16 threads at the same time


  • It is not compact
  • It is not suitable for first-timers

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machine 2022 (Buyer Guide)

We’ve gathered a list of the best multi-needle embroidery machines for small businesses to make a well-aware decision. Still, the question that arises in our mind is what features are the most important that we should consider?

While running your embroidery business, when you use a multi-needle machine, it speeds up your projects’ completion process that results in significant revenue. Nothing is more frustrating when you’ve got tons of orders, but you’re not capable of creating enough projects on your own.

If you are also confused with questions, then no need to worry at all. Because we are here to help out, and that’s the reason we have also created a detailed list of features that you should consider while buying.

Price Tag

While it may seem mediocre to you, but that is the top thing that you should put in your checklist when you’re making your buying decision. The market is flooded with enormous machines with diverse potentials, prices, and capabilities.

Here what you can do is that you can keep in mind this question: why am I about to buy this machine? What’s the purpose behind buying this machine? By asking these questions to yourself, you can estimate the idea of your requirements regarding this multi-needle embroidery machine for home use that leads you to estimate the machine’s cost. 

If you have just shifted your hobby into a small-level business, you probably don’t need an industrial machine containing accessories and capabilities that are more than the requirements of a small business owner along with a hefty price than buying the high-level machine is just a waste of money. Though getting an industrial one is generous toward your business step, but only in that case when you’re it is according to your business requirements. 

Hoops & Fields

When you buy a cost-effective embroidery multi-needle machine, the only drawback you get is that you don’t get enough space for embroidery work.  All you get is around 3 to 4 inches, which is suitable for hobbyists, not commercial businesses.

In this situation, you can go ahead with the machine that offers enough space and allows you to do it efficiently. Also, do look for a machine that comes up with various hoop sizes. Thinking why? It will make your future business journey more manageable, and you don’t get stuck to just one brand’s accessories. 


Another thing to keep your eyes on is the display of your multi-needle embroidery machine. In the market, you can buy 2 types of machines, one that comes with a built-in display, and the other one requires you to connect your laptop to showcase the patterns and design of embroidery projects.

In this case, we recommend you always go with the one that has a built-in display. Because it will allow you to get an overview of your designs quickly. Also, you don’t have to invest in an extra laptop. 


Nowadays, you can’t deny that most digital devices offer that usually come up with a capability to connect, share or transfer files with ports, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. While using this device, we recommend you go for the one that allows you to upload your software design. 

If you run a business, then that’s the point where you should invest in buying a laptop that can be connected easily with one and the other in the form of a trainer that works in a flow that enhances your business’s working efficiency.

Single VS Multi Headed

This is relatively easy to understand that a single and double-headed needle machine will work efficiently. The main difference between them is that the multi-headed will consume extra time than the single one, but they both work with the same proficiency. However, single-headed is suitable for starters because they don’t have to produce large orders. 

Despite this, a multi-needle machine is the RIGHT choice if you want to work effectively to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously. But note it down; you have to learn the operation of this machine first. 

Wrapping it Up

In this article, we’ve picked the 7 best embroidery machines multi Needle for you. We have also breakthrough a detailed guide of factors that you should consider while buying the multi-needle embroidery machine. So you don’t end up with the wrong one and save your bucks and get the most out of your budget, save up your business and excel in the embroidery that you have desired. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a multi-needle embroidery machine worth investing your money?

A multi-needle embroidery machine has the potential to complete embroidery projects in less time. So yes, it’s worth investing some bucks to scale up your embroidery business.

How to know that I need a multi-needle machine?

If you’re a passionate embroidery hobbyist who wants to commercialize their home embroidery business, then consider buying this machine. (For convenience, you can find multi-needle embroidery machine reviews in the above guide).

Do these machines are robust enough to create elegant embroidery patterns on different surfaces?

Yes, multi-needle machines are specifically designed to create complex and elegant embroidery patterns on diverse surfaces with less effort and time.

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