How to Embroider Towels by Machine- Simple and Unique Designing

There could be numerous reasons that you ended up clicking and reading this article, how to embroider towels by machine. I can guess some of them could be that you want to give someone a nice thing and you do not want to purchase it. Or you are bored with looking at your plain towels and want to add something unique to them. Something so amazing that your towel stands out.

So, if you are free right now during these summer holidays and keen to learn about acquiring a new skill, brace yourself. Today we will learn the art of monogramming and embroidering different patterns on your towel. This will add some aesthetics to your towel.

Without wasting further time, let us jump into this procedure of embroidering.

How to Embroider Towels by Machine

Use of Stabilizer:

When doing machine embroidery on towels, the first and foremost step is to place an adhesive stabilizer on the piece of towel securely you place your monogram or pattern on. The tip related to this process is to keep the shiny side of the adhesive and stabilizer up.

Then create a small tear in the upper part of the stabilizer using a pin. Then proceed further by peeling off the upper layer of the stabilizer revealing the sticky surface of the stabilizer. Now, end this process by marking out with vertical and horizontal lines on the stabilizer.

Finding the center:

As with other techniques besides machine embroidery on towels, you have to mark the center of the machine’s hoop and align it with the center of the monogram or pattern you desire to print on the towel.

Consider the size:

Whenever you think about how to embroider towels by machine, you would have to consider the size of the towel and the size of the monogram you want to be on the embroidery towel. Yes, placing that pattern and design also matters to some extent. 

However, I would suggest that you tingle your nerves and be creative and make your unique style on the tower. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment, and you will even love the end product.

Water-soluble topper:

Now, in this procedure of how to monogram towels, you do not want the towel fibers to be distorted and damaged. So, add a water-soluble topper. This will help in preventing pepping out of stitches. 

Stitch, stitch…:)

After setting up the equipment with a towel, move on with the stitching process. If you are using an automatic embroidery machine, then the procedure might be a bit different. The main difference when towel embroidering would be that you would first use software to create your monogram or desired pattern. 

After doing so, you would place the embroidery machine over the towel and start it. Yeah! You will get your patterned towel in less than an hour!

Note: You need to ensure that the machine is aligned with where you are looking to place your monogram. This is how to embroider towels by machine.

What to Embroider Your Towels?

Embroidery is a skill that adds up to the beauty of your product. So, if you are a towel manufacturer, you would consider embroidering your brand’s monogram on the towels or even different designs that make your towels look outstanding and attractive.

Another best option when doing towel embroidering can be stitching the person’s names to whom you are giving towels. This will help make the towels personal to them, and they will remember you whenever they see that towel.

Essential Tips to Follow:

Here we bring you some excellent tips that we have learned over our experience of towel embroidering.

  • Always wash your tower beforehand when going for machine embroidery on towels.
  • Prefer to choose or create those designs which accompany solid stitching.
  • Be open with the place where you are considering placing your embroidery design.
  • Speaking from experience, try 11 or 14 sized needles when learning how to monogram towels.
  • Cut-away stabilizers are the best stabilizers that you can use.
  • Do not forget to use water-soluble topping, which will ensure that stitches are there on the towel.
  • If you want to make your design look like a pro, use a design template.
  • Use spray-on adhesives for battery embroidery results.

Common pitfalls:

Instead of choosing to hoop the towels in embroidery machines, you should use the floating methods. The reason behind this is that towels are thick and challenging to hoop in the embroidery machines.

Secondly, do not choose a thin typeface for the pattern you want on your towel.

Happy Stitching:

Now, it is time to bid farewell. I hope that you guys learned the art of embroidery through this article. Enjoy your stitching journey! Be sure to avoid the pitfalls and follow the tips that I have mentioned.

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FAQs – How to Embroider Towels by Machine

What kind of stabilizers are needed when carrying out towel embroidery?

There are a bunch of stabilizers in the market out there. My personal favourite is the Cutaway stabilizer. You need to spray that stabilizer with temporary adhesive and then smooth the towel.

Should I wash the towel when doing towel embroidering?

It would help if you washed your towels before setting out and following how to monogram towels with an embroidery machine. This will ensure that the towel does not shrink, resulting in a distorted design or pattern.

What is the cost of doing machine embroidery on towels?

Generally speaking, the actual cost of towel embroidering depends on the material, stitches, complexity of the pattern, size, and colours. The maximum it may take you is 3.0 USD dollars to do towel embroidery.

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