What Can You Do With An Embroidery Machine- Unique Ideas

You might think that an embroidery machine can do embroidery. Yes, it just does embroidery. However, having an embroidery machine allows you to do a lot. With just embroidery, you can customize your clothes, scarves, towels, and many more.

So we have written this article to give you an idea of what you can do with your embroidery machine and what stuff to embroider.


Ideas shared below may require different techniques and different stabilizers.

 What can you do with an embroidery machine?

So what can you embroider? Well, these machines allow you to magnify any material that is made up of fabric. Here we have mentioned 16 ideas and embroidery projects that you can try.

1.    Table cloths:

You can turn any regular and plain table cloth into a fancy-looking one—the whole vibe of the rooms changes with one cloth.

There are many ways to embroider on a table cloth. We have shared two standard methods,

  • Depending on your table shape, you can embroider a flower bouquet in a square or circular shape.
  • You can also embroider the whole bottom of your cloth and let the center be in a solid color.

 2.    Pillow and cushion covers:

With customized table cloth, you can embroider beautiful and unique covers. Instead of spending money and time to find the perfect one, you can make it yourself. Here are some design ideas,

  • Embroider them the same way as your table cloth
  • Why not embroider your favorite cartoon character on it?
  • You can also write your name or anything that you want.

 3.    Customize your clothes:

Now you don’t have to spend money on embroidered clothes. Just but simple ones and customize them according to your will. Coats, denim, dresses, and shirts can all be embellished with an embroidery machine. 

4.    Embroidered paintings:

This is another fun way to decorate your house. Embroider your design on your selected fabric and frame that cloth. Now you can hang your own embroidered painting. 

You can also place it in a hoop as this is also in trend.

5.    Curtains:

Change those boring and plain curtains; change the vibe of your room. Your embroidery machine can do that as well. Just place your design in it, and the machine will do its job.

6.    Bags:

By saying bags, we mean all types of bags, from your makeup bags, fabric phone covers to backpacks. You can embroider a monogram in the center or customize it according to your style.

7.    Something for your pets:

If you have a cat or dog, you can make something for them as well. It can be a dress or a ribbon to tie around their neck.

8.    Jewelry:

There are many ways to embroider pendants and earrings.  The primary method is that you embroider a cloth and wrap it over that pendant or earring.

9.    Napkins:

Don’t spend money buying pretty table napkins. Just buy plain ones and design them as you want. Have a look at the following ways,

  • You can create a flower or fork and a spoon on the corner.
  • You can embroider a border on its sides and leave the center as it is.

10. Shoes:

Things that can be embroidered include shoes as well. You’ll be wondering how right? You’ll need a different hoop and technique, but shoes can also be embellished, and they look so unique.

11. Masks:

Buy a plain face mask and embroider it. Draw or write whatever you want with your machine. After all, face masks are part of our life now.

12. Accessories:

You can decorate different accessories as well. For example, hats, belts, sashes, ribbons, veils, book covers, chokers, aprons, and scarves.

13. Blankets and bedsheets:

Embroidered blankets and bedsheets are expensive, but an embroidery machine can help you get that. Take any simple blanket or bed sheet. Select a design, feed it into your machine, and it will do its job.

14. Mats and Rugs:

These are other different stuff to embroider on. Mats and rugs can get thick and challenging to hoop in. They require a unique stabilizer and embroidery technique.

Learning it will be worth it as you will turn any simple mat into a fancy one.

15. Embroidered cards:

A unique gift for special people. Instead of writing a regular card, you can write on cloth. Take a square piece and embroider it. Decorate it and write whatever you want.  It is a unique idea that you can try.

16. Embroider kids’ drawing:

Last but interesting idea; feed your kid’s drawing in an embroidery machine and embroider it on any piece of cloth. You can keep it as a memoir or frame it and hang it on the wall.

What Can You Embroider On?

Anything that is made up of fabric can be embroidered. Linen, silk, cotton, denim, organza, felt, and velvet is all suitable for embroidery. 

There is more stuff to embroider on. Any material you see in the market that has embroidery can be embroidered.

What Can an Embroidery Machine Do?

We have seen in detail what you can embroider with your embroidery machine. What you don’t know is the following.

1.    It can save you money:

Yes, you heard it right. Let me explain it. With an embroidery machine, you can customize almost all your clothes and everything made up of fabric. You will not have to buy fancy stuff so you’ll be able to save money.

2.    Start a small business with it:

If you like doing embroidery, then you can start a small business. You’ll jump on a tiny scale, but if you’re passionate about it, you can grow it.

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3.    Be your designer:

For a creative person, having an embroidery machine will make him his designer. The reason is that he can embroider and customize his stuff.


Now you’ll not ask what you can embroider. You can do a lot more with your embroidery machine. Let your creative side come out. Think out of the box, and if you are passionate about it, you can generate a stable income.

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